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2013 1st Quarter Basics to Excellence Winner: Roy Simeon

We’re thrilled to congratulate Roy Simeon for also receiving the WTS International BTE Award for First Quarter 2013. Here’s what Darian Parker has to say about Roy:

“Roy Simeon is the best employee we have ever had at Club Ridges. Period. I was fortunate to be referred to Roy by one of my close fitness colleagues here in Las Vegas. This colleague of mine told me that Roy was graduating from UNLV with his degree in Kinesiology and that he was the best worker in the university fitness center there. My colleague said that Roy would be a perfect fit for our club. And boy was she right! Roy came in from day one and changed the game for us at Club Ridges. After only three months of being on the job he developed a huge respect level from the residents. His attention to customer service was and continues to be impeccable. And this was before he even started training clients. Once he received his personal training certification after those three months he rocketed into the stratosphere. In his first year he grossed an impressive $25,000 in gross PT sales. In his second year with us he is on pace to gross more than $60,000 in gross PT sales, which is a mark that is incredible considering that we only have 30 percent build out in the Ridges Community.

Additionally, Roy’s spin classes are sold out every week. His classes are so popular that the client bought more bikes due to 15 residents coming to the HOA meeting to demand that there be more bikes so as many residents as possible could take his particular Spin class. Roy is truly a superstar, but he is the most humble and dedicated person you will meet. Roy fixed our irrigation system at the club one time so that it could supply water to our dunk tank for one of our events, he volunteered to build shelving for our group ex storage room and he so and so forth. No task is to big or small for Roy. And if you tell Roy how great he is…he just says back to you “I am just trying to help the team Dr. D.” Roy Simeon is truly a one of kind employee and I am extremely thankful that he works for WTS/Club Ridges.”

Thank you, Roy, Darian and all of our amazing WTS employees!

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