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WTS International is Redefining Lifestyle Living in Las Vegas

WTS International (WTS), the spa, fitness and lifestyle consultancy and management firm, is taking lifestyle living to the next level in Las Vegas with new multi-family residential oasis, South Beach Resort.

The 220-unit, high-end apartment complex represents the next generation of luxury hotel-to-home living, providing a unique residential experience, with world-class amenities and services, located just 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

WTS deployed its 40 years’ experience of Building Better Lifestyles® when evolving the future of lifestyle living at South Beach Resort, creating a luxury residential experience like no other.

For WTS, modern multi-family living means developing and delivering innovative lifestyle programs, events, concierge services and amenities to create experiences that transform traditional residential spaces.

WTS provides the conceptual planning, design and, ultimately, the management and oversight of amenity programs and facilities for these types of communities, including single family, multi-family and mixed-use projects.

As WTS Senior Vice President Allen Jakubauskas explains: “Lifestyle living is about merging a person’s busy work life with their leisure interests in a convenient, social, healthy and active community that enhances their overall quality of life.”

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Created by visionary developer Bob Schulman, the five-star, upscale living experience at South Beach Resort takes lifestyle living to the next level, truly revolving around lifestyle and wellness, with cutting-edge services, and unique features and amenities.

Schulman believes the South Beach Resort represents an inspired, first-of-its-kind experience, that offers a luxurious, garden-apartment lifestyle of health and wellness, while benefitting from the legendary Las Vegas vibe, saying: “Recognizing that the future of multi-family living is blending world-class properties with a world-class lifestyle, South Beach Resort is partnering with WTS International to pioneer the future of lifestyle living.”

WTS helped steer the resort’s plan and equipment recommendations and is providing all programming, lifestyle and amenity management and operation. Apartment rentals range from US$1,095/month for a 1 x 1 to US$2,295/month for a 2 x 2 with den.

With lifestyle and wellness the defining features of the new complex, the amenities and services are key to the facility’s identity. As Jakubauskas adds: “This development has amenities, programs and services unlike any in the regional market, as well as being trend-setting within the US. With unique facilities such as non-stop social, fitness and recreational programs, a pet spa and extensive services such as telemedicine and fresh food deliveries to chilled food lockers, South Beach Resort is the ultimate in lifestyle living.”

Set in acres of lush grounds, resort homes are tech savvy with state-of-the-art security. Other features include a 24/7 concierge service, on-site luxury guest suites, and even customized pet amenities – think dog parks, agility courses, splash pads and grooming stations.

As well as a focus on time and convenience, other facilities offered include cutting-edge health, fitness and wellness amenities, 24/7/365 access to a doctor via telemedicine, a meditation area and the resort’s own organic garden. Rest, relaxation and entertainment needs are catered for with on-site complimentary classes and workshops, events, and evolving speaker series.

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Day and evening pool parties within a tropical, palm-fringed backdrop, poolside pavilion, multiple oversized outdoor viewing screens and even a one-of-a-kind vivarium, featuring the world’s first Amazon mini-jungle, complete South Beach Resort’s relaxation and entertainment amenities.

However, the presence of qualified activities and lifestyle directors at South Beach Resort are what truly sets the community apart, creating a residential experience centered on socialization, community, convenience and fun, with innovative lifestyle programs, events, concierge services and residential amenities management.

Jakubauskas describes how lifestyle managers, event planners and athletic directors differ significantly from yesterday’s property managers to create a community and experiences never before experienced in multi-family living. These Lifestyle Directors focus exclusively on the residents’ living experience and how it relates to their connectivity with other residents and their personal interests, while creating social, wellness and recreation opportunities.

Jakubauskas concludes: “WTS aims to create the most unique living environments for clients and residents. Multi-family living is a highly competitive market and developers are increasingly raising the bar with regard to the level, scope and breadth of amenities and services available. WTS is positioned to provide the industry with world-class, trend-leading expertise in the planning and operation of these experiential communities.”

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WTS International Designs Ocean Spa for Marriott Autograph Playa Largo

Washington, DC—WTS International (WTS), the spa, fitness and lifestyle consulting and management firm, has designed the 6,000sq ft (557sq m) Ocean Spa at the Marriott Autograph Playa Largo Resort and Spa, which is set to open later this year.

The stars have aligned perfectly for the new property, which hits key milestones for the companies involved.

The first new-build in the Upper Keys in over 20 years, the Key Largo property – which is co-owned by Shaner Hotel Group and Prime Hospitality Group – is also the Marriott Autograph Collection’s 100th property.

The Ocean Spa, designed by WTS, will be the first full-service spa in the Upper Keys and includes a couples treatment room and five further treatment rooms, a co-ed lounge, hair and nail salon and a 1,500sq ft (139sq m) fitness center. It will be operated in-house by Spa and Wellness Director Caroline Wilmot, under the guidance of WTS.

Wilmot will oversee the development of all Ocean Spa’s wellness programs, as well as creating spa treatments, managing the salon, the fitness facilities, kids club and spa personnel, as well as running the day-to-day operations.

Commenting on the visitor experience at Ocean Spa, Wilmot said, “From the warm welcome and customized experiences, to enjoying refreshing Mango or Hibiscus Tea, to the tropical, ocean-inspired services, our guests will enjoy an island spa experience like no other.”

Ocean Spa’s treatments are inspired by Playa Largo’s seaside location. They incorporate high-end, marine-based products and indigenous flora to create four signature services, including the Tropical Body Glow, a 90-minute scrub and massage that immerses guests in aromatic coconut and pineapple shea butters that exfoliate the skin.

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Other inspired treatments include the Mojito Salt Scrub, the Awaken Coffee Scrub, the Coconut Sugar Scrub and the Ocean Dew and Bamboo Scrub.

All are created using locally-sourced fresh, organic ingredients.

Susie Hammer, WTS’ Vice President of Spa Operations, said, “We’re proud to be associated with the first new-build in the Florida Keys in more than 20 years.”

“With Playa Largo we have the opportunity to bring a new level of beauty and wellness to the island and its visitors. It’s a unique spa which provides guests with authentic, local spa experiences,” she concluded.

Designed and conceptualized by architects Prime Design Associates, with The Gettys Group responsible for the interior design, the US$100m Playa Largo Resort features 144 bedrooms and suites, 10 private bungalows, a beach house for small group and corporate events, a waterfront pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, and 745 ft. of white sand beach.

The resort features a private marina, three signature restaurants, Sandbar, a ballroom with private courtyards, a formal lawn for banquets and weddings, kids’ activity and nature learning center, and sports courts.

Editors’ notes:

As the first new-build in the Florida Keys for some time, the Marriott Autograph Playa Largo aims to offer a new level of luxury accommodations and service from the outset, to create an unparalleled resort destination in the Florida Keys.

As a result, it has more modern features, interior design and technology. For example, every room will be equipped with an iPad, giving guests one-touch control of their experience.

Playa Largo is aiming to be one of the most eco-friendly hotels in Key Largo. It will be the first commercial venture of any kind in the Florida Keys to invest in a Power Knot liquid food composter, decreasing the resort’s carbon footprint by a massive 147 tons annually.

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Hotel Business Design: WTS International’s Concepts are Based on Meaningful Experiences

We’re thrilled to share a feature in Hotel Business Design that showcases WTS International’s spa branding and design work for Cachet Hotels.

“After WTS International delivered a completed concept presentation, the Hong Kong-based hospitality company approved the spa brand, called cSPA. It will be developed at Cachet Deluxe’s properties throughout Greater China, Southeast Asia and the Americas. The first cSPAs will debut in Bangkok and Hangzhou, China. Designed for the affluent spa connoisseur, the cSPA concept will be rolled out worldwide following openings in Asia.”

“As WTS sought to find the right notes to hit to make this brand sing and stand out from the others, we knew it was important to truly look at Cachet Hotel Group’s target market and make it our goal to craft the experience around their expectations of luxury,” said Dubois. “In the end, it became clear that, for these guests, thoughtful luxury wasn’t about opulence, but about rich and meaningful experiences.”

Environmentally friendly features are being integrated, based on the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. “Cachet Hotel Group has made it clear that each project will be planned with the conscious selection of locally-produced materials, energy-saving lighting methods and more easily maintainable finishings as the means by which each will contribute to the well-being of the environment,” said Dubois.”

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WTS International Commissioned to Create New Luxury Spas for Cachet Hotel Group

WTS International is thrilled to announce its appointment to create a new spa concept for the Cachet Hotel Group in Asia.

The new brand will be called cSPA and developed at Cachet’s properties throughout greater China, Southeast Asia and the Americas. The first cSPAs will debut in Bangkok, Thailand and Hangzhou, China.

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cSPA Concept Images

The exclusive cSPA concept will be designed for the affluent spa connoisseur and will be rolled out worldwide following the openings in Asia.

The spas will be modern, innovative, sophisticated and will also draw on the values of the Cachet Hotel Group brand, which is designed around elegant, chic and exclusive spaces. Each spa will have a unique sense of place. Environmental features are being integrated into the design, based on LEED Standards.

In bidding for the project, WTS utilized its successful concept development process, starting with a research and data-gathering phase, followed by a concept development phase, then finally delivering a completed concept presentation to the client.

Yvonne Choi, Chief Marketing Officer at Cachet Hotel Group, said: “We think WTS’ innovative health, beauty and wellness experience is complementary to Cachet. Both companies are known for their commitment to lifestyle, service, innovation and design. Both of our customers have similar demographic and psychographic profiles. We look forward to partnering with WTS to scale this concept quickly and to establish a global footprint throughout Asia and the Americas.”

Gary Henkin, President and CEO of WTS International, said: “Our robust approach to concept development has led to the creation of a spa design which will exceed the expectations of Cachet’s discerning customers. It also has the flexibility to deliver a sense of place for local markets, while still enabling Cachet to deploy the concept globally to ensure consistency across its portfolio. Finding this balance was one of the aims at the heart of the concept development process.”

The spa design and ethos aim to inspire Cachet’s clientele to live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle by utilizing its bespoke services, tech-driven influence and exquisite service.

Andrea Dubois, Senior Project Designer at WTS, who led the project, said: “We share Cachet’s commitment to delivering an exemplary guest experience in an environment where people feel at ease, while enjoying culturally-inspired, world class treatments. Finding this balance creates an experience that is both engaging and immersive.”

The concept envisages a modern spa palace with intuitive service and captivating luxury expressed in the context of the local culture. Design will be defined by clean lines and well-appointed treatment beds. The color palette of the spas will incorporate deep grey blue, brown and a touch of gold with other accent colors counterpointed with black. The materials and textures within cSPA spaces will include large textured stone panels, with reflective- and matt-finished brass and bronze, combined with wood and glass.

Choi concluded: “cSPA as a brand will be immersive, bringing unforgettable beauty and wellness experiences to our guests and most of all, our cSPA guests will have fun!”

For more information, or to request high resolution images for this piece, please contact Mary Pilch at

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