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WTS Contributes to Hotel Management’s “Fitness Centers and the Search for More Space”

WTS International President Gary Henkin and Jon Liles, WTS Vice President, Strategic Planning & Development, contribute to Hotel Management’s recently published article, “Fitness Centers and the Search for More Space.”

“Fitness facilities are purchasing fewer strength machines and creating larger spaces where recreational training can take place,” said Gary Henkin, President, WTS International. “Medicine balls, foam rollers and single machines that can do more than one exercise can open up more space without doing renovations.”

Jon Liles, VP of strategic planning and development for WTS, says consolidation is the name of the game, creating stations for groups to train together in cycles, while also allowing for a more open plan. “By planning a fitness center’s layout to be focused on groups, hotels can better benefit from group exercises like Spartan training, yoga and pilates,” Liles said. “Social fitness is gaining traction and fitness center layout can support this.”

Read the full article here.

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