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WTS Educate: Membership Sales is a Numbers Game

WTS Educate, a new ongoing series of educational pieces by WTS International.

I always said I’d be a great golfer if I could have three mulligans every time I hit a shot. Instead, I only get one shot and usually it’s not as good as I’d like for it to be. Membership sales is very similar in that if you have enough chances to sell a membership, your odds increase significantly.

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Southern Highlands Community, Las Vegas, NV

Here are some tips for improving your membership sales:

  • Have a clear plan. The first step is to have a clear plan of attack and know how to communicate a message to prospects. If we plan properly and get our message out to enough people, the likelihood of meeting our sales objective increases significantly.
  • Set goals. Establish how many contacts you want to make during a month and then break that down into weekly and daily goals.
  • Market to various channels. I always suggest that you break your prospecting channels down into four groups: general public, referrals, cooperative/partnership, groups/corporate. If we have a specific “call to action” for each of the groups that is time bound, it will be much easier to gain traction and interest in your facility.
  • Keep track. Make sure you evaluate how you’re doing by consistently measuring results.
  • Course correct. Depending on results, make sure to adjust and adapt accordingly. Perhaps you need even more leads. Perhaps your sales team isn’t big enough. Perhaps you can enhance or alter your offerings to best accommodate the audience.
  • The more people that are excited, aware and interested in your club, the more sales you will produce. It requires rigor and execution. To be consistently successful, you have to have a continuous stream of prospects lined up at the door interested in joining.

    —Frank Guengerich, WTS Chief Operating Officer