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Twin Farms Spa Featured in Forbes

Tammi Johnson, Spa Director at Twin Farms, contributes to Forbes piece, “3 DIY Spa Treatments For Winter Skin.”

“Howling winds. Freezing temperatures. Snow flurries. Besides giving you a chill, the weather can leave you with scaly skin and cracked nails. “Winter is pretty harsh on the skin,” says Tammi Johnson, Spa Director at Twin Farms, the only five-star resort in Vermont. “Cold air lacks humidity and dries up the natural oils in the skin, and winds can cause chapping and windburn. Indoor heating is dry too, and compounds the drying effect.”

Luckily Johnson knows how to beat the winter beauty blues. “Take a warm shower instead of using hot water, and use a body wash rather than bar soap,” she suggests. “Both hot water and bar soap can be harsh and dehydrating to the skin. Pat dry and apply a moisturizer, such as Tata Harper’s Fortifying Body Lotion (for the body) and Repairative Moisturizer (for the face) liberally while skin is still damp. Increase water intake and avoid caffeinated beverages like soda and coffee which act as diuretics.” Johnson shares a few spa treatments from Twin Farms that you can do at home.”

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